What To Read In 2020

5 books from my favorites

Published on Dec 26th, 2019 •️ 3 min read

As the last weeks of this year are almost behind us, I was going through what books would I read in the next year. I came across Bill Gates’ book recommendations for 2020, which helped me to add some interesting writings to my reading list.

I’m interested in books that people who I follow or are close to me read or are actively reading. This way I stay informed about their interests and I get to know what new knowledge they implement into their daily lives.

As I advise a similar list of books to all that are interested in my opinion, I’ve decided to make a similar recommendation list myself.

In the year 2019, I’ve managed to read quite a few books. From this collection, I selected my top 5. These books are for the most part in the categories: leadership, communication, self-improvement. The order is not telling, these books are of different natures.

1. Radical Candor (Kim Scott)

Radical Candor

How to combine honest care about the people you manage, but still be able to directly challenge them on their ideas? The book Radical Candor from Kim Scott is intended mainly for managers and people who need to make a team effective.

I got a lot of practical tips from this book, for example how to transform your personal weaknesses into an asset in leading other people. How not to fear to show your weaknesses made me more open to other people.

2. Make Time (Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky)

Make Time

A book from engineers not just for engineers. It’s for everyone trying to make time for something important. That makes it a good read for every one of us. Make Time showed me how to highlight tasks I need to do, and how to maximize my focus when I need it the most. It can surely help you with your time management as well.

3. Atomic Habits (James Clear)

Atomic Habits

Most of our daily activities consist of learned motions and habits. To master your habits is to master yourself. James Clear in his book Atomic Habits guides the reader through the process of habit creation. The book helped me identifying and letting go of some of my bad habits. The steps described in this book made it easier for me to form new habits as well.

4. The Charisma Myth (Olivia Fox Cabane)

The Charisma Myth

Do you know someone who has a great impact on your life in a positive way? A warm person who listens to you and advises just the right things? Someone who is like a personal magnet for people around? You can become that person. It’s not something that cannot be learned. In the book The Charisma Myth it is revealed how you can build up your charisma so you can have a desirable effect on people.

5. Show your work! (Austin Kleon)

Show your work!

A little book with big truths. Austin Kleon in his book Show Your Work! highlights the importance of everyday little improvements and updates in the case of content creators like myself. If you want to make it big, show your work to the world. Even in small steps.


Hopefully you’ll find something interesting in my recommendation. I’m looking forward to 2020, as I have pretty exciting books on my reading list. I hope your next year will be full of improvements and exciting reading as well. I’m interested in your take. What should I read next year? Leave a comment below.

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